Hand & Foot Care

Hand & Foot Care

Everything for the well being of your hands and feet. . We offer handcare with and without polish and a range of footcare services which use Specialised Natural Health Therapies and Products.


Marina Scoon

Hand Care

Specialised hand care for all kinds of hands.

  • Handcare with Nail Polish – $52.00
  • Handcare without Nail Polish – $42.00


Foot Pamper

Pure indulgence of the feet which includes herbal footbath, toenail trimming, hard skin removal, cuticle care, mask, massage and polish.

  • 90 minutes – $85.00

Classic Foot Care

Footbath, toenail trimming, smoothing of the rough skin, cuticle Trained Vienna, Austria care, massage and polish (optional). International Qualifications

  • 30 – 45 minutes – $65.00

Gehwol Advanced 5 Star Treatment

Foot treatment personalised to your specific foot concerns to help improve calluses, removal of corns, etc.

  • 30 – 90 minutes – from $65.00 – $125.00

Toenail Trimming and File

  • $20.00

Polish Application

Please bring open toed shoes if you intend to have polish

  • $10.00

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